Training and workshops

Workshops that focus on personal development and mental health.

Thryve provides workshops that focus on personal development and mental health education. The workshops incorporate different interactive techniques and offer personalized feedback to participants. They create a supportive atmosphere that encourages individuals to enhance their well-being, connect with others, and establish a strong bond with like-minded people who share their experiences and want to learn and grow.

The workshops can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organization or group. Alternatively, you have the option to participate as an individual in an existing workshop.

Current Workshops Available:

Thryve Time – A four-week program delving into self-care for holistic well-being, encompassing the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional dimensions

Values Workshophelping participants identify and articulate their personal or organisational values.

Faith Steps Vision Board Night – Create a board that visualizes the possibilities when we invite God into our everyday lives.

PreventureA youth prevention program (12-18 age group) employing personality-focused interventions to enhance mental health and diminish substance use risks. Our workshops teach students vital coping skills, aid in setting long-term goals, and guide them in leveraging their personality traits for overall thriving.