The practice believes in the inherent value of each person, and until they can recognize and embrace it for themselves, we will strive to acknowledge and appreciate it on their behalf.


Counselling is a form of therapy that provides a secure, non-judgmental environment for individuals to confront their issues, navigate life’s obstacles, and prioritize their personal and interpersonal development, recovery, and resilience.

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

An EAP is a confidential counselling service designed to promote the well-being of employees at all levels of a company. It aims to provide proactive and preventative support for personal and work-related issues that may affect performance and well-being.

Equine Assisted Counselling

Equine Assisted counselling utilises horses in the therapeutic process and is an experiential therapy that focuses on the individual’s experience of working with the horse and the insights that result from it.

The Process


Assessing where you are and where you want to go involves evaluating your current situation and determining your desired destination or goal. This process is important in personal and professional development as it helps to clarify your objectives and identify the steps needed to achieve them.


If you feel like your life is out of balance, it may indicate neglect of your needs, values, or priorities. We provide support to improve your mental and physical health, which can help you regain balance in your life. Achieving balance can enhance your overall sense of wellness and increase your efficiency in daily activities.


Thriving involves attaining optimal well-being in several aspects of life, including physical and mental health, relationships, career, and personal growth. It requires feeling energized, motivated, and engaged, experiencing positive emotions, having a sense of purpose, being adaptable to change, resilient, and  staying true to your authentic self.


What Our Clients Say!

Big thank you to Fiona for helping guide me through one of the toughest times in my life but also helping me aspire to future goals! Really grateful for her compassion and care can’t wait for our next session

Individual Female Client

We have implemented a lot of changes, a lot more attention and communication. Thank you so much for your help, you have made a lasting impact on us and we will be forever grateful.

Michael – Couples Counselling

Thanks for all your help and support. My daughter would not have said and made decisions as she did this week without your help. She has found her voice.

Mother of Individual Female Client

Fiona has been wonderful in providing support and tools to help me navigate through high pressure situations which have previously overwhelmed my decision making.

Individual Client Male 4o’s

Very happy with the help I received, very caring, understanding and gave helpful strategies to help during a tough time

EPA Client